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You can find the frequently asked questions and our production process here.

Production and Order Process;
After you provide us the details and the designs that you want, we prepare an offer including the best prices for different options. There, you can also find our leadtimes for the samples and bulk orders. 
After we meet on the prices and other terms, we produce samples for you to check the quality and how your designs will be seen after the production. 
The next step is the bulk order purchasement. After we receive the 40% of the down-payment for your order, the bulk production will be started. We will send you the photos to provide your confirmation step by step. 
After the bulk production finishes and we receive the rest of the payment, your orders will be shipped by land, air or sea transportation as we meet. 
*We do not share your designs with the 3rd party companies. 
Can you produce socks in our designs?
- Yes, we only produce socks in our customers own designs. We are here to make your creations real!
What is your minimum order quantity?
- Our minimum order quantity is about 1.000 pairs per models and sizes in order to socks types that you want. These minimums can be reduced or increased according to the socks types and total order quantities.
Are there any limits on the designing process?
- Socks machines can use maximum 6 colours per socks designs. Except for the colour limit, there are no any restirictions on the designing process.
Can you make the custom packagings?
- Yes, with the cooperation of our suppliers, we can produce any types of packaging in any designs and sizes that you want. 
How we should provide you the designs?
- We prefer to receive designs in the form of our template but any formats will be accepted if the all-around the socks are visible. Our designer team will help you for the designing process.
Do you sell socks from your stocks?
- Since we are a custom socks producer, we do not keep socks for wholesales. 
How much the production costs? What affects the prices?
- Our prices depend on the socks types and total order quantities. After we receive the details for your inquiries, we will prepare our best offer for you. Colours and designs do not affect on the prices. 
How long the sample/bulk production takes?
- The sampling process takes about 2 weeks in order to production line. The bulk orders will be shipped in between 6-7 weeks after your confirmation on the orders.
What is the payment terms?
-The payment term we accept is 40% down payment before the production and 60% remaining payment when your orders are ready for the shipment. We only accepts payments via bank transfers.

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